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A “Holistic” approach: Since 2002, we have developed hundreds of successful relationships, by turning clients to friends. This is achieved by understanding their financial needs, listening to them, and sharing our knowledge and resources to customize a solution that takes multiple factors into account.

We are never interested in one transaction. We are here for the journey, for a long lasting relationship, and a solid friendship that is simply based on caring for our clients. Numbers and profits will always come, sooner or later, referrals pop up from everywhere, when trust and business is earned.

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Dean Harizavi
President, Founder
Real Estate License
No: 01520317, NMLS#345868

With multiple graduate degrees in Engineering, Management, and Finance, and over 21 years of experience in Real Estate Finance and Income property acquisitions and hundreds of transactions, I have built a solid understanding of what it takes to run a successful business based on knowledge, relationships and trust. Together with a caring attitude and a vast number of resources at our disposal, our clients will have access to the best our industry has to offer.

I will personally assure you that you will be in knowledgeable and caring hands. We will listen and get to know your needs and objectives, and deliver on our promise every single time.

While our expertise is in Finance and Real Estate, our clients are not just numbers to us, We sincerely believe that a satisfied client is vital to our growth and referrals are the most crucial part of our business.

If your are just looking to reduce your home mortgage rate, finance your purchase and close fast, or build a solid real estate portfolio, give us a call and let’s talk. And remember Commercial or Residential, buying and or financing properties, we do do an amazing job to earn your trust, your friendship and your business.

Thank you,

Dean Harizavi

Client Focused. Results Driven.

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Using a holistic approach, we are hear to listen and understand your specific situation, Focus on your needs and with our decades of knowledge and experience in real estate sales and finance, reward you with the results that are both satisfactory to you and best fit your scenario.

Our Mission

Make our knowledge and resources available to educate our clients, understand their specific needs, and succeed by making our clients Successful in each and every transaction.

Our Values

Integrity, Knowledge, and Optimism: We are fully dedicated to a sincere communication, Committed to transparency and ethics, and excited about an ongoing happy relationship with our clients.


Financing 1-4 unit Residential Properties. Acquiring Residential Income Properties.

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Multunit Apartments, Shopping Centers, Warehouse, Gas Stations, Office Buildings

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Converting Transactions into Relationships

Whether you are here in search of a home loan, or looking to invest in Real Estate by buying income properties, our knowledge and experience is at your disposal, to help you make educated decisions. We are here for the long haul, to support every client, each friend….

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