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Our analytical approach in real estate sales is bound to bring you great success in every transaction, every time.

With many decades of experience in real estate investment, Arta financial experts will assist you in putting the right strategy together, by helping you:

  1. In-depth market research and analysis to help identify the best available properties.
  2. Acquisition of properties with best-in-class negotiations and due diligence skills.
  3. Listing and sell of your property utilizing the latest techniques and technologies in marketing.
  4. Assistance with the 1031 Exchange process to help you move from one property to another.
  5. Describe and help select the best financing options with most competitive rates and closing costs.

We begin by gaining a mutual understanding of your goals and objectives in relation to the real estate market condition and available inventory of income properties. We then go to work for you to help identify the best opportunities.

Our intention is to keep you and your referrals coming back to us for more. The best way to achieve that, is to care about your investment dollars, study each project well enough, do proper due diligence, and analyze the property and the market. It is not rare for us to walk away from a property despite our clients’ interest in proceeding. We do not take your trust and confidence lightly. We do all that is in our disposal to close deals that are most beneficial to our clients.

We will work with your budget, priorities (be it income, appreciation, or both), to find the best match, use our years of acquired experience and techniques to negotiate the best price and terms, do an in-depth study and analysis of the property, physically and financially, and research all aspects of the transaction to bring you the success you deserve.

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